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Exploring the dives sites around the Cap d’Agde - Diving Center Cap d'Agde


The coast round the Cap d’Agde offers a rich wildlife on a variety of different dives sites. From Volcanic rocks to “cold” water coral bommies, there are a variety of sites available to divers of all levels.

All our dive sites are within close proximity to the dive club and all but the wreck and located in the Marine Protected Area. 


Coral Bommies

Every morning we go to a selection of sites between 18 and 25m deep. These are what the French call “coral potatoes”, calcareous rock formations boasting “cold” water corals and gorgonians.

You will also find forkbeard hakes, conger eels, scorpion fish, lobsters, wrasse, and many other fauna endemic to the Mediterranean...

We’ve multiple dives sites: les 3 pics, la muraillette, le vivier, le casier, maya, le câble...

The Tables

The most famous dive site on the Cap d’Agde, The Tables are situated between 2 and 12m deep allowing for try dives, training and fantastic exploratory dives.

Only a few hundred meters away from the cliffs of the Cap d’Agde in the old volcanic crater and is teaming with life. You will find all sorts of charismatic creatures of the Mediterranean from white sea-bream to octopus, cuttlefish and squid to sea crickets and nudibranchs to anemones.

We dive on this site every day twice a day during high season and once a day in low season. 


Specifically during the summer months:


Night Dive on The Tables

To watch the fish sleep and the crabs and molluscs come out to hunt!

Obéron Wreck Dive

The Oberon Wreck is located on a sandy bottom at a depth of 12m not far from Marseillan. It is 28m long and 6 m wide, this vessel is an old fishing boat that ran aground during a storm on the 18th of February 1913. This wreck is ideal for new divers and you’ll have plenty to see with it being over 100 years old!  There’s lots of sessile flora and fauna such as gorgonians and sponges as well as many conger eels, small octopus and crabs...


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