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Try Dives - Diving Center Cap d'Agde


Looking for a new activity to try out in Cap d’Agde? Come try diving!

SCUBA diving is a fun way to explore the marine world alongside your friends and family from the age of 8 onwards!

You will be diving individually with an instructor to ensure the best experience for you. So relax and soak in the fauna and flora surrounding you and well take care of you!


We have two types of try dive:

  • The classic try dive which is 20minutes long with the option of adding a photo
  • An exploration try dive which is 40 minutes long with the photo included and the possibility of trying out some diving exercises 


Upon arrival at the dive centre, you will be looked after by our team who will equip you with the essentials; mask, fins and wetsuit.

Once in your wetsuit all you need to do is head down to the boat where the rest of your gear will await you already prepared by the instructors.

On the boat you will be given a brief on how to use all the equipment we’ve provided you with and how to communicate with us when under the water.

When at the dive site, we will help you get the last of your gear on and your instructor will guide you through your first breaths through a regulator on the surface of the water, allowing you to get used to the sensation.  Your instructor will be with you throughout the dive pointing out the rich flora and fauna of the Cap d’Agde. There will be a photo opportunity which we encourage you to consider as it will be an amazing memory!

Once back in the club, you’ll be able to take a hot shower, pick up your dive certificate and photo and leave us with another fantastic experience under your belt... and who knows – you might catch the waterbug! 

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What’s next? We provide you with an opportunity to continue this adventure with us!

You’ve now experienced your first dive high and want do it again?
Well fear not as we can help you in your first steps to become a qualified diver through some more advanced try dives incorporating some exercises.
A variety of fun try dives are a great way on continuing diving without having to take a course.


Discover SCUBA by PADI: 2 dives

An in-depth try dive and an initiation to diving to help you develop some of your underwater skills and gain a better understanding of the equipment.
These dives can be tailored to your desires: from fun to more technical.
You will also get a log book to record all your dives in!


Discovery try dives: 3 dives

An in-depth try dive and two more technical dives.
These dives can all be tailored to suit you whether you wish to see more of the flora and fauna or learn more about the practical aspects of diving.
You will also get a log book to record all your dives in!


Plif Plaf Plouf: for children aged 8 to 11

Try dives especially tailored to children to learn to dive in the most fun way possible.
You will also receive a log book designed especially for children so they can write down their dives and learn about the marine environment. 

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Caught the diving bug?

Come join our team who will teach you everything you need to know about diving and get you qualified!  To learn more please go look at our Courses.